Israel-Thailand, 60 Years of Friendship commemorated with a new stamp issue

Israel-Thailand, 60 Years of Friendship commemorated with a new stamp issue

The State of Israel and the Kingdom of Thailand have enjoyed friendly diplomaticrelations for 60 years, since theirestablishment in 1954.These friendly relations include successfulcooperation in many areas such asagriculture, water management, advanced technology, education and medicine.The versatile relations between these twocountries have been demonstrated througha number of historical visits by members ofthe Thai royal family to Israel and by Israelidignitaries to Thailand.

Every year Israel welcomes hundreds of Thaistudents and professionals who come toattend various training programs, mainly inthe fields of agriculture, technology andeducation.

The stamp features two types of fruit thatare characteristic of their countries – apomegranate from Israel and a mangosteen fruit from Thailand. In addition to their tastiness, each of thesefruits has symbolic significance in thetraditions of its people and its country.In Jewish tradition, the pomegranatesymbolizes beauty, fertility and abundance.It is also one of the seven species mentionedin the Bible as being special agricultural products of Eretz Israel.

The mangosteen fruit, a very popular tropicalfruit native to Southeast Asia, is known asthe "Queen of Thai Fruit" probably becauseof its beautiful appearance and pleasanttaste. Each of these fruits is known to possess itsown medicinal properties and they are alsocombined in food supplements, health drinksand beauty creams.

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