Isle of Man’s heritage sites are to be commemorated with a new stamp issue

Isle of Man’s heritage sites are to be commemorated with a new stamp issue
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According to info got by Isle of Man Post is preparing for issuing a special stamp issue which is the result of an exemplary collaboration between the artists and organizers of The Celtic Kingdom Festival of Silk, The Island of Culture and Manx National Heritage. This miniature sheet has been already designed and is to be released on the 23d of October.

This miniature sheet showcases silk banners portraying the Island's heritage sites, buildings and activities unique to each area painted by members of The Isle of Man Guild of Silk Painters. They were created for The Celtic Kingdom Festival of Silk 2013 when the Island's Guild hosted the bi-annual festival.

The design and painting of the town banners were undertaken by seven of the Guild's artists. Hilary Bruce designed the Laxey banner around the Laxey Wheel," The Lady Isabella" and sought to incorporate a salmon in the picture for the old norse "Laxa" meaning Salmon River whereas Jean Buck designed Port Erin's banner to add life to the tower at Bradda Head with a chough flying overhead. Ann Cannell chose Castletown topping her design with a crown over Castle Rushen.

Jan Avron Cotton turned the Ramsey town emblem with Albert Tower into a delightful colourful image as did Chris Cowell and Sarah Goulden, who also chose the Port St Mary town emblem to work on portraying a map of the Island, a loughtan sheep, the legs of man and the bright red sails of a Manx nobby fishing boat. Betty Hopson's design of Peel Castle was beautifully executed along with her design of Tynwald Hill, which was jointly worked on with Jean Buck.

At time of writing the banners are on display as part of this year's Island of Culture festival at the House of Manannan in Peel. At the end of the "Year of Culture" the banners will be returned to the relative town commissioners for display in the Island's town halls.

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