International Year of Crystallography commemorated by Portugal Post

International Year of Crystallography commemorated by Portugal Post
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By official decision of the UN, the year 2014 was declared the International Year of Crystallography. This ephemeris is jointly organized by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and UNESCO and aims to create a link between two other initiatives of this sort: the International Year of Chemistry, held in 2011, and the International Year of Light, which will be celebrated in 2015.

As such, these three worldwide celebrations fall into the strategic guidelines of the International Program of Fundamental Sciences of UNESCO, in collaboration with other scientific programs of the Organization, such as the International Geoscience Program, designed to further knowledge of this Science within Society and of its vital contribution to our well-being on this planet.

However, although Crystallography is today basilar to all Fundamental Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Geology), it remains relatively unknown to the general public. One of the goals of this anniversary is to promote education and public awareness of the importance of this science by conducting various activities worldwide, such as this stamp issue.

The issue "Ano Internacional da Cristalografia" consists of five stamps and a souvenir sheet, which illustrate crystallography in the areas of geology, physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology. In the souvenir sheet water is present as an aggregating component.

In addition postage envelopes and an informative brochure with a text on the subject is produced.

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