International Day of Families special stamp issue by Hongkong Post

International Day of Families special stamp issue by Hongkong Post

The family is the mainstay of society. Since the 1980s, there has been growing attention placed on family issues. The United Nations proclaimed 1994 as the International Year of the Family, and has chosen 15 May of every year as the International Day of Families, with a view to promoting the awareness of issues relating to families within the international community. As this year marks the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family, Hongkong Post issues a set of special stamps on the International Day of Families to advocate the importance of upholding family values.

Using a hand motif and featuring different images of hands, this set of four stamps presents the core values of a family: filial piety, love, harmony and care.

$1.70 ─Filial piety is a prime virtue and among the core values in family ethics. It can be manifested in the respect and care we show for our parents and elders. Depicting the hand of a younger person resting on the back of the hand of an aged family member, the stamp conveys the notion of filial piety.

$2.90 ─Love is what bonds the family. Mutual support, understanding, tolerance and acceptance among family members help to maintain harmonious family relations. The stamp shows two family members hand in hand, bonded by love.

$3.70 ─ Spending more time together helps to improve communication in a family and promotes harmony. The stamp portrays a blissful moment when family members put their hands together in a game.

$5 ─ Show your family members that you care for them. Take the initiative to ask how they are. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand them. All of these can help to bring the family closer. The stamp illustrates a child holding the hand of a family member, expressing warmth and tender loving care.

With its backdrop of a blue sky and a green lawn, the simple design of the souvenir sheet carries profound meanings. Four stamps are set within the house in the centre to imply that a happy, loving family can be built through filial piety, love, harmony and care.

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