Icelandic trawlers – vessels for ship lovers

Icelandic trawlers – vessels for ship lovers

In May 2014, Iceland Post issued two stamp booklets dedicated to trawlers and multipurpose fishing vessels. Both booklets are self-adhesive and have 2×2 stamps.

30,000 of the first booklet, H105, were issued. Both stamps are domestic non-prority mail (B50g) which corresponds to a facial value of 112 isk.

The first stamp shows Barði NK 120, the first Icelandic stern trawler, built in France in 1967. It was made of steel, and was 328 BRT.

The second stamp represents Stálvík SL 1, the first stern trawler built in Iceland.

Booklet H106 was issued in 20,000 copies. The stamps are 50g to Europe, corresponding to a facial value of 180 ISK.

Breki VE 61, on the first stamp, was considered the most advanced fishing vessel in Iceland at the time it was built in 1976.

Örvar HU 21, 499 GRT, was built in Akureyri in northern Iceland in 1982, and was the first fillet freezing trawler in the country.

Iceland has a long tradition of exploiting the resources the ocean has to offer, and the first stern trawler started fishing in Iceland around the 1950s. Yet it was only from the 1970s that fishing companies started operating stern trawlers on a regular basis. It was young engineer Andrés Gunnarsson who introduced the idea of stern trawler fishing here in Iceland. This transformed the working conditions on fishing vessels, and revolutionized the entire the fishing industry.


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