“History of Polish photography”- new stamp issue by Polish Post

“History of Polish photography”- new stamp issue by Polish Post

It is another series of stamps from the "History of Polish photography" produced by Polish Post. Stamps on similar subjects appeared several years ago, they depict reproductions of prominent Polish photographers.

This year's series is the photographic reproductions by Henry Poddębski (1890-1945). He is an outstanding representative of this kind of art. While doing his work, he traveled around the country, belonged to the Polish Tourist Association, which is the current heir to the tradition of PTTK. Henry Poddębski was born in Chrząstow - Koniecpol district today.

The stamps were designed Agata Tobolczyk and printed in an edition of the 200,000 units each. Reproduced photographs show: zinc smelter in Szopienice, coalpit "Cleopas", part of the city the Queen's Steelworks and coal port in Gdynia.

Stamps will enter into circulation on 11th July.


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