Heroes of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition

Heroes of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
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StampNews.com is glad to inform that South Georgia Post has preparing for issuing a new series of stamps honoring the heroes of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The issue consists of twelve stamps that are to be issued on the 3d of November.

The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition is considered by some the last major expedition of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. By 1914 both Poles had been reached so Shackleton set his sights on being the first to traverse Antarctica.

The plan was for the Ross Sea party, who travelled aboard the Aurora to a base at Cape Evans (Scott's HQ during the Terra Nova Expedition), to lay a series of supply depots to the base of the Beardmore Glacier and then return to the base. Meanwhile Shackleton would take Endurance into the Weddell Sea, make his way to the South Pole and then to the Ross Sea via the Beardmore Glacier (to pick up the supplies). Although the expedition failed to accomplish its objective it became recognised instead as an epic feat of endurance.

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