First unique stamps from the Beautiful Netherlands Ceramic collection

First unique stamps from the Beautiful Netherlands Ceramic collection

PostN Llaunched the first stamps from the new Beautiful Netherlands Ceramic series. The series focuses on the country's special position in ceramics production from Loosdrecht and Tegelen. Stamps for Harlingen, Makkum and Delft will follow later this year. Rutger Fuchs designed the Beautiful Netherlands Ceramic stamp series for PostNL.

Ceramics from Tegelen and Loosdrecht

For these stamps, designer Rutger Fuchs searched for special details that are so characteristic of these ceramic cities. Fuchs found this in Tegelen in a ceramic item of the young boy with a bird cage in his right hand and a bird in the left. "Here you see how many different techniques the Tegelen ceramic painters had mastered."

Fuchs found the characteristic Loosdrecht porcelain element in the beautiful depiction of the branch with pink-red roses and green leaves. "The craftsmanship of the Loosdrecht porcelain painters emerges in the subtle colour shading."

Together with Gracia Lebbink, Rutger Fuchs had previously designed the book series, Delft pottery: history of a national product, for The Hague Municipal Museum and publisher Waanders.

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