Final return journey of the Horse Trams

Final return journey of the Horse Trams
1 votedvote got to know that Isle of Man Post Office presented the special cover in collaboration with Douglas Corporation to commemorate the final return tram journey of the Horse Trams until Spring 2016. This product was released and put into circulation on the 14th of September.

This limited edition postmark cover was produced to mark the final return journey of the Douglas Corporation Horse Trams until Spring 2016. The covers were carried by trammer "Mark" on the last tram which left Derby Castle at 5.20pm on Sunday 14th September 2014.

All day long crowds waited patiently to take a trip along the prom, with many people reminiscing about previous journey's they had taken in the hay day of Summer Seasons when the trams were full from morning to night, long before health and safety legislation tightened up it wasn't un-common for revellers to ride on the running boards.

This stunning commemorative cover features a stamp from the centenary of the horse trams in 1976 with an image of tram number 44 – which was out on the track on September 14th 2014, and the toast rack stamp from 1990.

An insert card provides a brief history of the trams along with the signature of Peter Cannon, Tramways Operations Supervisor, confirming the transportation of the 300 covers, with a donation from each sale going to the Home of Rest for Old Horses on Richmond Hill.

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