Exciting new stamps for 2015 “Starry Stamp Tour” designed by Hong Kong Post

Exciting new stamps for 2015 “Starry Stamp Tour” designed by Hong Kong Post
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According to info got by StamNews.com Hong Kong Post announced details of the Special Stamps Issuing Program 2015 and the 2015 Local Standing Order Service (LSOS). The program was unveiled on the 25th of September.

Hongkong Post's 2015 special stamp issues feature a myriad of themes embracing delights of everyday life as well as wonders of the world. With their diverse themes and attractive designs, the special stamps for issue in 2015 will have something fascinating for everyone.

Philately broadens one's horizons and is full of fun. The Hongkong Post 2015 stamp collection will comprise multifaceted themes that can take one through time and space. The "Scientists in Ancient China" and "Children Stamps - Chinese and Foreign Folklore" series will depict ancient China and the Western world, while the colourful designs of the "Astronomical Phenomena" series and "World Heritage in China Series No. 4: Honghe Hani Rice Terraces" will show the mystery of the universe and a land where man and nature live in harmony.

Adorned with a variety of Chinese motifs, the "Year of the Ram" stamps will reflect a festive mood. In addition, a set of four stamps depicting the ram and the last three Lunar New Year animals (dragon, snake and horse) will be released. Applying silver hot foil stamping, lithography and embossed printing techniques, these stamps will add to the excitement of the Lunar New Year.

The stamp sheetlets of the "Hong Kong 2015 - 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition" on the theme of "Shopping and Dining" will make excellent keepsakes for philatelists. The "Sports in Hong Kong" stamps will feature the top six choices returned from an earlier online "My Favourite Sports" voting exercise.

The "Government Vessels" and "The Court of Final Appeal" stamps and stamp sheetlets will offer a glimpse of the work of different government departments in Hong Kong. The "World Post Day" stamps, issued for the first time in Hong Kong, will remind the people all of the personal touch of letter mail in the digital age. The new series of "Heartwarming Stamps" with a heart shape will be perfect for sending messages of love and joy in everyday life.

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