EUROPA – Musical Instruments stamps from Greenland

EUROPA – Musical Instruments stamps from Greenland

The EUROPA series in 2014 will be issued with the theme "National Musical Instruments". The artist Frederik "Kunngi" Kristensen has created both designs for POST Greenland’s contribution to the series.

Violin and Accordion

Before Hans Egede introduced Christianity, the people who came to the country were mostly whalers and they, without a doubt, played the music they liked the most such as song and dance music. For instruments they mainly used the violin, accordion, harmonica and wind instruments.


The growth rings on the drum must be straight and alike and there cannot be cams in it, as alien spirits might settle there. It was told that if the handle was touched by a stranger the spirit would be stolen. On the other hand it could be lent out as transportation of the drum, for instance from settlement to settlement, could be difficult and time consuming.

The sizes of the drums vary. The largest are more than one metre in diameter, for instance in Nunavut, Yukon and in the inner parts of the country.

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