Croatian Flora – Endem Orchids stamps

Croatian Flora – Endem Orchids stamps

Hrvatska posta issued a set of three stamps featuring endemic orchids. The stamps depict the following species: Mt. Dinara-orchid, Liburnian orchid and Istrian Serapias.

Mt. Dinara-orchid Ophrys dinarica Kranjcev et P. Delforge, Orchid Family (Orchidaceae) The research conducted in the area around the spring of the river Zrmanja in 1999 discovered an endemic species from the huge generic group of the late spider-orchids (Ophrys fuciflora), named Mt. Dinara-orchid (O. dinarica).

Liburnian orchid Ophrys liburnica Devillers et Devillers-Tersch., Orchid Family (Orchidaceae) Liburnian orchid belongs to Illyric-Adriatic stenoendemic plants and blossoms already in March in small number of habitats along the Croatian coastline, from Istria to Korcula.

Istrian serapias Serapias istriaca Perko, Orchid Family (Orchidaceae) There is a real paradise of Orchidaceae in the most southern part of Istria called Cape Kamenjak. The area is also a classic founding of the endemic Istrian serapias (Serapias istriaca) described in 1997.

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