Collectables – set of self-adhesive stamps from Spain

Collectables – set of self-adhesive stamps from Spain

The passion for collecting and organizing objects of the same class, from the simplest to the most artistic and valuable, is the principle aim of Collectables; the subject to which this card, consisting of eight self-adhesive stamps from the Spanish Correos, is dedicated.

The collecting of fine arts already emerged in ancient times and it is said that it is owing to collectors that objects have been passed down to us, which otherwise would have disappeared through vandalism and ignorance,. Because of their interest in preserving items, they protected, although unknowingly, art, history and science.

Collectables covers all types of objects and materials: dolls, fossils, books, comics, to name a few and every day there are more groups and meeting points established for the purchase, sale or exchange of pieces.

This series is illustrated with scenes from some of the most popular topics. Lottery tickets were first issued in 1812 and the size and format was variable. It was printed only on one side; it included the signature of the Lottery and the Royal Shield director, bordered all over by a fringe. Postcards emerged in Austria in 1869. They had an engraved postage stamp and were not illustrated (entire postcards). In Spain they began to officially circulate on the 1st of December 1873. The first company to manufacture illustrated postcards in Spain was Hauser and Menet.

Other collectable objects, which have followers from childhood, are Trading cards. They are usually adhesives that are glued into themed albums and carry images relative to the subject of interest: nature, sports, films… Mineral collectors seek pieces with a crystallization or cut which makes them unique. Watch enthusiasts seek in these brands, names of prestigious manufacturers or decoration on watch faces, as much in simple watches as in ostentatious bracelet watches or pocket watches.

The Lead Soldiers recreates army soldiers with all types of color detail, as well as the weapons and army uniforms. Numismatics is related to the study of coins and medals. It has come to be a help for history because of the information it provides, both for documentary and artistic features. Stamp collecting or Philately emerged when the first stamp appeared in England, in 1840. It is known that the British Royal Family began collecting in 1856, that the Russian Tsars, Alfonso XIII and the USA president, Franklin Roosevelt, were stamp collectors.

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