Christmas dream from Åland Post

Christmas dream from Åland Post
3 votedvote is glad to inform that Åland Post is going to release a stamp set with Christmas motives. This series will be issued on the 9th of October to mark the upcoming holiday.

The image for this stamp set was created by Emelie Hage. Little Christmas drawn by this girl has the shimmer of nostalgia.

"I imagined a parent introducing a child to the Christmas spirit. Quite often, the Little Christmas fair is a rather slushy affair with everyone skidding around in the mud and it is always damp. I remember how my parents stopped to talk to every single person they met and it took forever to get to the toffee ...But this is how it looks in my dream", says Emelie, the artist behind the Christmas stamp as well as the Christmas seals and Christmas decorations in gold plated brass.

Emelie first drew the image and then applied watercolours. On the Christmas seals, the marketers are the central figures, whereas the decorations focus on the merchandise - a toffee, a tin of herrings, a bauble. "I sketched all the motifs at the same time to obtain a certain amount of coherence. Even if I have previously designed stamps for Åland Post, the small format does demand a special approach; for everything to work well you must consider the smallness, a stamp motif is so tiny."

Finding inspiration was not so easy seeing that Emelie made her research at Jan Karlsgården during high summer. "I shot photos and gathered details, colours and patterns that might prove good to have".

On her home turf in Stockholm, her friends know little about the Little Christmas phenomenon in Åland and Emelie acts as eager ambassador. That is what happens for someone celebrating Little Christmas abroad.

"Traditions like these become somewhat special and I like to tell my friends about our Åland Little Christmas celebrations. I particularly like the ‘little' part. A small gift, a small tree and a little food. Unpretentious and enjoyable," she says.

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