Chinese Christmas stamps are to enter the philatelic world

Chinese Christmas stamps are to enter the philatelic world
6 votedvote hurries to inform that Hongkong Post releases a set of Christmas Stamps, following the first and second issues in 2002 and 2007 respectively. The four distinctive stamps in the issue not only depict an adorable Santa Claus, a reindeer, a snowman and a little angel, but each stamp also blends in local elements like a junk, the golden bauhinia sculpture, dim sum and the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui. The issue consists of four stamps that will be put into circulation on the 4th of November.

Christmas often conjures up images of dancing snowflakes, a blanket of white snow, a snowman with a scarf and Santa Claus riding on his sleigh ready to deliver presents to children. Whilst it doesn't snow in Hong Kong, the festive atmosphere nonetheless fills every corner of the city when Christmas is approaching. The waterfront of Victoria Harbour is ablaze with holiday light displays, shopping malls are adorned with colourfully themed decorations, and Christmas carols are heard everywhere.

$1.70 Donning a red hat decorated with patterns of a junk and Chinese white dolphins symbolizing Hong Kong, Santa Claus is in town to give us his best wishes.

$2.90 The reindeer playfully hides an outline of the golden bauhinia sculpture in its antlers, which are festooned with Christmas ornaments. Are your eyes good enough to spot the sculpture?

$3.70 The snowman's funky beanie suggests that perhaps he would like to have an offbeat Christmas walking his caged bird and enjoying dim sum in a traditional Chinese teahouse.

$5 The little angel carries a lyre under the night sky aglow with fireworks, and joins the snowmen musicians at the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui for carol singing.

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