Children at Play postage stamps from Taiwan

Children at Play postage stamps from Taiwan

In the follow-up to the popular "Children at Play Postage Stamps (Issue of 2013)" issued on April 2, 2013, Chunghwa Post is releasing another five-stamp set in the same vein, each with a denomination of NT$5. Their designs follow:

1. Hobby Horse: Children riding on simple, wooden hobby horse, running about and chasing each other in delight. These moments of innocence are one of the happiest childhood memories.

2. The Bamboo-copter: This endearing toy helicopter flies out from one's hand when its shaft is spun rapidly, looking just like a dragonfly taking flight. It draws a gaggle of laughing children to give chase in bliss.

3. Kite-flying: The children run like a wind, towing their beloved kites and sending them high up to the infinite blue. The kite lines in their small hands are also symbolic of dreams that will take wing.

4. Firing Marbles: Roll up the sleeve, lower the chin, take an accurate aim, and flick the marble from the hand. The gleaming marbles tingle with childhood's simple joy.

5. Lion Dance: The lively lion dance lends a boisterous, celebratory air to traditional festivals. This merry showpiece draws children's attention the most.

A booklet and a stamp folio were also released on the issuing date of the stamps.

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