Centenary of Escuela Superior de Telegrafia (College of Telegraphy) commemorated on Spanish stamp

Centenary of Escuela Superior de Telegrafia (College of Telegraphy) commemorated on Spanish stamp

In 1913 the General School of Telegraphy, or Higher Education School, was founded in Spain, and here we find the origin of the present-day Higher Education Technical School of Telecommunication Engineers. One hundred years later, Spanish post celebrates the event with a stamp which reproduces the photograph of the first class of engineers in the field, as well as a perforated transmissions tape.

The creation of the Higher Education School of Telegraphy came after the London Radiotelegraphy Conference, celebrated some months after the sinking of the Titanic, in 1912, which compelled the signing countries, including Spain, to issue official certificates for radio operators and to provide teaching of the necessary skills and knowledge. For this reason, and from the proposal of the Minister of the Interior, Santiago Alba, on the 3rd of June 1913 a Royal Decree was published which gave way to the creation of an Official School: "Where we issue the certificates of proficiency for the handling of this modern telecommunications system".

The General School of Telegraphy was in charge of the Telegraphers' Association and was divided into three Sections: firstly, Elementary Radiotelegraphy; secondly, Application for joining the Telegraphers' Association; thirdly: Higher Studies. In order to join this Section of higher studies, being a Certified Telegrapher was an indispensable condition.

On the 20th of October 1913, the General School of Telegraphy was inaugurated, in the old Montezuma Palace, on Ferraz Street, Madrid. The first class wrote up the National Telephony Project, by Jose Francos Rodriguez, in 1917, and some of them were in charge of moving the Telegraphers' Main Offices from Puerta del Sol to the newly inaugurated Communications Palace, in Madrid.

In 1920, with the announcement of the Royal Decree of April 22nd, the School's Regulations were reformed and the final step was taken for the creation of the Telecommunications Engineer qualification, recognizing as such those who had taken higher studies in the 1913 Plan.

As in other types of engineering, the 1957 Law on Technical Training established the Higher Education Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers and the Technical School of Telecommunications Experts, both dependent on the Ministry of Education.


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