Belarus Post celebrates the upcoming winter holidays with a new stamp issue

Belarus Post celebrates the upcoming winter holidays with a new stamp issue
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On October 2, 2014 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue the stamps "Merry Christmas! " and “Happy New Year!”. According to info got by these stamps have been designed by Evgenia Bedonik and are ready to be released.

People of Belarus look forward to New Year's Eve with great zeal and enthusiasm as it is a day of magnificent celebrations and observance of various customs, rituals and traditions.

For a long period of time, New Year's Eve in Belarus was observed on different dates and there were different New Year customs performed. Different areas of the city ushered in the New Year at different times. The parts that belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania marked January 1 as the New Year Day in 1364.

However, the Byzantine tradition followed in the eastern territories of Belarus celebrated the New Year on September 1– from 1493 to 1700. It was only after an order was issued on 20 December 1700 by Peter I that the New Year began to be celebrated throughout the country on January 1.

The feature of Christmas celebration in Belarus is the fact that this holiday is celebrated twice: according to the Gregorian and the Julian calendars. Christmas is celebrated on December 25 by Belarusian catholic believers, and on January 7 - by orthodox believers.

There are a great number of social events organized on the streets of towns and cities at Christmas time. The celebration of Christmas and New Year is opened with a traditional parade of Fathers Frosts and Snow Maidens in the center of Minsk on December 24. During the festive procession the lights on the main symbol of the New Year holidays, the central Christmas tree on October Square in Minsk are lit.

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