Baby Wildlife series issued by Canadian Post

Baby Wildlife series issued by Canadian Post

This year, our Baby Wildlife series wraps up with one last adorable issue. Each stamp captures the early days of some of Canada's more recognizable wildlife: the baby beaver, mountain goat, puffin, wapiti and burrowing owl. With four years of newborn critter stamps to her credit, as well as other Canadian stamps since 1998, designer Sophie Lafortune strives to ensure these youngsters look their best.

"The focus on the animals has kept the series fresh by giving new life to the stamps with each issue. New animals with different habitats meant new design challenges," explains Lafortune, adding, "There's a need to find new ways of seeing the animals each year."

Finding new images isn't the only challenge. As definitives, these will be among the most used stamps this year. "Similar to the design of a poster, everything on a stamp has to be easily identifiable at first sight," says Lafortune. "To achieve that visibility, we play with contrasts and colours to highlight the key element of each stamp."

Lafortune's favourite from the 2014 series is the puffin and its mother. She points to the contrast between the almost monochromatic baby bird and the bright colour in the mother's beak.

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