Baby Animals stamp series from Germany

Baby Animals stamp series from Germany

Deutsche Post issued two new stamps from the series "Baby Animals" which draws attention to the uniqueness of wildlife and the need to protect it.

Fox - In spring, the first rays of sun warm the forest floor, pushing the young foxes at the entrance of the Burrow. The clumsy young red foxes look like puppies, they are just a month old and their thick, soft gray shades fur increasingly turns reddish. Curious, they sniff the sand, lie around and tumbling over each other again and again. At the age of six weeks, the young foxes romp outdoors, play the "prey catch" and develop a hierarchy among themselves. In early summer, they finally go with the mother on school game. Their diet consists of, inter alia, mice, earthworms, snails, insects, frogs, birds, bird eggs, fruits and carrion.

Hedgehog - The baby hedgehogs only come to the world in high summer, usually in August or September. Close to each other, they always nestle in the bed of damp moss, constantly staying in motion. The young hedgehog need to hurry. They don't have much time left, for as early as late October or mid-November, they need to keep their first hibernation. Until then, their motto is: Ahead on a full speed to the accumulation of the fat reserves. Hedgehogs eat, inter alia, worms, slugs, woodlice, beetles, spiders and earthworms.

Often feeling thenight hunger hedgehogs roam through our gardens, developing a considerable noise.

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