Austria Redraw – Draw new Austria! special stamp issue

Austria Redraw – Draw new Austria! special stamp issue

Politics, art and culture, the Alps, culinary, natural treasures or all together? How could Austria be symbolically represented?

The Austrian Post AG in cooperation with the daily newspaper "Die Presse" organized in 2013 astamp design competition to make numerous artists find a creative answers to this intriguing question. The obvious theme of the competitionis "Austria redraw". The award of 5,000 euros waspromised to those artists who would make it best to create a positive, forward-looking Austria image for a stamp. Among nearly 70 applications, including not only local artists, but also international competitors, 15 finalists were selected, and the winner was chosen by a jury.

The quartet Undemibecame winner of the stamp competition. Five symbolsoutlining the future prospects of Austria have been summarized on the stamp design: a red heart for love, a green leaf for environmental protection, a blue peace sign, a purple symbol for equality and a symbol for the mutual exchange in the form of two yellow arrows. The stamp's buyercan choose any design by the own preferences and paint the symbols based on the "painting by numbers" system and guided by color codes. The four winners come from France.They manage their own Internet platform and issue a handmade magazine twice a year. The former fellow students welcomed the challenge with joy. Chloe Thomas, one of the performing artists noticed: "For a graphic designer, it is especially nice to make a stamp, but also difficult, because one is forced to bring such a great idea into such a small size".

Georg Polzl, CEO of Austrian Post AG and a jury member was especially impressed by the "painting by numbers" system and the opportunity for users to distinguish their future by themselves. "It is a creative approach," he explains his decision. "To facilitate handling, the 42 x 42 mm big stampis offered".

"Follow the color coding, paint the icons and convey the desired message" now is the motto for all stamp buyer. After all, commitment is the first step in a common future," are convinced the competition winners.

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