Anniversary of Lithuania’s NATO Membership Featured in the Stamp

Anniversary of Lithuania’s NATO Membership Featured in the Stamp

This year Lithuania is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the accession to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). To mark this occasion, Lithuania Post released a new postage stamp.

The anniversary stamp has been designed by the artist Ruta Kajackaite. The stamp features the logo of NATO and a stylized flag of Lithuania. The stamp was released in the edition of 80 000 copies with a nominal value of LTL2.15.

NATO is a military alliance joining free and independent states having united to ensure international peace and to safeguard their independence by diplomatic and, if needed, military means. The organization's decisions are made by unanimous agreement of all members.

To protect their sovereignty, Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Italy, the United States of America, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and France signed the North Atlantic Treaty in Washington on the 4th of April in 1949. This was the beginning of NATO. Starting with 1952, new members joined the organization.

At the initial stage, NATO kept peace in Euro-Atlantic region. Following the conception adopted in 1999, peacekeeping operations also take place in the territories other than covered by the member states of NATO.

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