40 years since the first stamp issue of Faroe Islands

40 years since the first stamp issue of Faroe Islands
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In January 2015, 40 years have passed since the first Faroese stamps were issued. Until then, Danish stamps were used in the Faroe Islands. According to info got by StampNews.com on this occasion Faroe Islands Post decided to re-issue some of its classic stamps – this time as franking labels. The reissue will take place on the 1st of October.

The four chosen stamps have one thing in common: They have all been engraved by the famous engraver Cz. Slania. The stamps were issued in the period 1984-1995.

The stamps reproduced as franking labels are:

FR 097 from the stamp issue "Smacks" on 10 September 1984. The smack illustrated on the stamp is "Westward Ho" TN 54, which was built in Grimsby in 1884 and bought to the Faroe Islands in 1895. The smack has been repaired and is well preserved, so that it now can be rented for different arrangements.

FR 169 from the stamp issue "The Cathedral Ruins in Kirkjubøur" on 17 October 1988. The Cathedral Ruins in Kirkjubøur were built around year 1300 in Gothic style. It is one of the most important relic of the pas in the Faroe Islands. Ole Wich prepared the stamp issue.

FR 173 from the stamp issue "Tórshavn Church" on 6 February 1989. The stamp was issued in connection with the 200 Years Jubilee of the church. This means that today the church is 225 Years. Ole Wich prepared the stamp issue.

FR 277 from the stamp issue "Folkways on Photographs" on 12 September 1995. The stamp illustrates dairymaids and is reproduced from a photograph from the turn of the century.

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