2014 France Valentine Hearts Postage Stamps: Baccarat

2014 France Valentine Hearts Postage Stamps: Baccarat

Every year, for Valentine day, La Poste (the French postal service) issues postage stamps designed by the greatest name in the French fashion industry such as Hermes, Chanel and Cacharel. These Valentine day stamps are heart shaped and comes in various denomination and presentation. They are gorgeous tiny pieces of art, and can make a cheap affordable collection.

This year glass maker Baccarat has the honor of being featured on the Valentine themed heart stamps. These come in souvenir sheet and 2 values both on gummed and adhesive back.

A small luxury at low postal rates (starting at 0,61€) that conveys couture potential to paper and land mail should awaken the collector souls.

The stamp is characterized by bling and divinely elegant side given by the serigraph print with golden ink that symbolizes the sparkle of crystal, but also the central illustration setting forth leading creations by the House of Baccarat.

Since 2000 (with the exception of 2002), this honor have always been awarded to the French fashion designers Yves Saint-Laurent (2000), Christian Lacroix (2001), Torrente (2003), Chanel (2004), Cacharel (2005), Jean-Louis Scherrer (2006), Givenchy (2007), Franck Sorbier (2008), Ungaro (2009), Lanvin (2010), Maurizio Galante (2011), Hermes (2013).

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