Zodiac – Slovak stamp with personalized coupon

Zodiac – Slovak stamp with personalized coupon

This year a motif of the Zodiac can be found on a postage stamp with personalised coupon issued by Pofis post (Slovakia). Here the customers will be able to get printed not only their photos, but also the individual signs, created in the same style as the stamp. In that way interesting and complete press sheets will be created that can please anyone. Stamps with personalized coupons can be printed upon a written order that will be available either immediately in the production office or can be produced directly by a customer through the application at www.mojaznamka.sk.

The desired motif can be a picture of a person, logo of a company or a club, coat of arms, an animal or any other form of a picture or a text motif. Stamps with a personalised coupon can be a nice gift for family or nearest, but also an effective form of advertising of a company or a social event.

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