Working Horses of Our Regions stamp set from France

Working Horses of Our Regions stamp set from France

France Poste issued a set of 12 stamps depicting horses from the territory of France. All breeds of horses living today in France come from the same European lineage of robust wild horses adapted to climatic difficulties. We find their traces in the ancient times where horses were used to pull carts; their strength, docility and intelligence served as source of power in the service of men. Plowing, pulling artillery or mine carts, hauling barges and wood, horse was always a real athlete to relay on.

The nine races populating France and illustrated on the stamps are: Breton horse, Normand horse, the Poitier mule horse, the Boulonnais, the North race, the Percheron, the Ardennes, the Comtois and the Auxois.

In the nineteenth century, France counted 3 million horses. Today, there are nearly 8,500 farms and 70,000 horses. But for sure, horses could make a big comeback as "drivers" of ecologically clean traction in a society that seeks a healthier agriculture and a more authentic environment.

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