Wonders of Malaysian Forest on new Malaysian stamps

Wonders of Malaysian Forest on new Malaysian stamps

Pos Malaysia issued three miniature sheets featuring the wonderful Malaysian forest and its inhabitants. Malaysia is a wet, tropical country that is home to some of the world's oldest rainforests and a remarkable array of wildlife species. Its forests spread from the coast right up to the mountains, encompassing coastal mangroves, peat swamps, and montane forests. The country is separated into two major regions by the South China Sea. To the east is the Malay Peninsula, which extends southward from mainland Asia, and to the west is Malaysian Borneo, which includes the states of Sabah and Sarawak.

The Malay Peninsula is home to endangered elephants, tigers, gaur, tapirs, hornbills, and bearded pigs. Sabah and Sarawak shelter proboscis monkeys, Bulwer's pheasants, endangered orangutans, red-banded langurs, clouded leopards, and populations of sun bears and sambar deer. Habitat for many of these species is shrinking, and unsustainable hunting also poses a serious threat to their survival.

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