Winter stamps 2013 from Denmark

Winter stamps 2013 from Denmark

Post Danmark issued a set of three postage stamps evoking a winter atmosphere. The stamps were designed by JetteFrolich.

For nearly 40 years, JetteFrolich has been creating the exquisite christmas decorations found in many Danish homes. Famous for her unique, elegant and simple style, over the years she has designed numerous christmas decorations, candlesticks, schnapps bottles and a variety of dining table adornments. The highly prolific artist presents new collections via her own company – JetteFrolich Design – and for the design company rosendahl. Now, Frolich can call herself a stamp artist, too.

Inspiration For The Stamps

On the question "What inspired the three winter stamps?" JetteFrolich answers: "the skating motif popped up one day when I was reminiscing about my own childhood. For me, skating is the most evocative of all winter sports, so it was an easy choice". The christmas rose is directly inspired by Selma Lagerlof's "legend of the christmas roses".

For Frolich, the plant represents hope and faith because it blossoms despite the cold and frost.  "The idea behind the stamp featuring the robin is that we mustn't forget the birds during winter," explains the 73-year-old artist, who enjoys the rich bird life in her garden and likes to show it off on certain pre-arranged days during the summer.

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