Wild Mushrooms on new Taiwan postage stamps

Wild Mushrooms on new Taiwan postage stamps

Chunghwa Post released "Wild Mushrooms of Taiwan" stamp sets in 2010 and 2012 on low- and middle-altitude wild mushrooms. Now it is following up with the third set in the series, which focuses on four high altitude wild mushrooms. The designs follow:

Ramaria botrytis (NT$5): The fruiting body of this mushroom branches upward from a base to a coral-like shape, and its appearance has given it the common name "cauliflower coral mushroom" in English or "grape stem coral mushroom" in Chinese. Commonly found in middle- and high-altitude forests, it is edible.

Morchella elata (NT$5): The fruiting body of this mushroom splits from its base into conical shaped stalks and caps. It takes its Chinese name (literally "high goat belly") from its yellowish brown, wrinkled appearance. Commonly found in high altitude forests, it is edible.

Gomphus floccosus (NT$12): Known as the shaggy chanterelle, it is trumpet shaped, with a reddish orange color and a scalloped edge. Often found in high altitude coniferous forests, it is poisonous.

Aleuria aurantia (NT$12): It is flat and stemless and resembles an orange peel. Under the microscope, it reveals the netlike spores that are the origin of its Chinese common name: "orange netted spore platter fungus." It is commonly found in exposed earth on the floors of middle and high-altitude forests. It is not clear whether it is poisonous or edible.

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