Wild Germany featured on new stamps

Wild Germany featured on new stamps

German post issued two stamps within the series "Wild Germany". The first one is dedicated to Berchtesgarden National park, and the second one depicts the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea.

Berchtesgaden National Park is located in the German-Austrian border, southeastern corner of Bavaria, and is the only alpine national park in Germany. Although it wasn't officially proclaimed National Park until 1 August 1978, the region has a long tradition as a reserve. In 1910 the area of today's national park was designated as "Berchtesgaden Alps", in March 1921, it became extension to the "Koenigssee nature reserve".

Considerations to develop a cable car in the region led the German Nature and Environment organization to call for the establishment of a national park in 1953. In July 1972 the Bavarian state parliament decided to plan a park in the Koenigssee Bavarian Alps Nature Reserve. Since 1991, the National Park Berchtesgaden was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve core zone.

The Lower Saxony Wadden Sea was three times designated as a special area. On the basis of the German nature conservation law, it is since 1986 part of a national park, where different protection zones of category I to III were set. In 1993, it was also recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. Since 2009, the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Together with the German Wadden Sea National Park Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg and the Dutch Wadden Sea Conservation Area, the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea is one of the largest and most important tidal wetlands of Germany.

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