Voluntary Civil Protection Work IV stamps from Liechtenstein

Voluntary Civil Protection Work IV stamps from Liechtenstein

The first stamp in the "Voluntary Civil Protection Work" series was issued by Liechtenstein in 2008. In 2013 in two further stamps the good work done by the "Avalanche Rescue-Dog Handlers" and the voluntary "Civil Protection" is to be highlighted.

The "Principality of Liechtenstein Rescue-Dog Group" organizes specialist training of avalanche rescue-dog handlers covering training in wilderness searches. Again and again members of the Group are also allocated to the regional dog-handlers' on-call service and there are even international deployments.

The "Civil Protection" Group's aim is to protect the population in emergencies, in particular after disasters. They perform the tasks assigned to them as independent relief organizations and as an adjunct to the Fire Service and the Samaritans. Their principal tasks include looking after and maintaining the effectiveness of home shelters, providing and operating the home-shelter infrastructure and occasionally also attending to and providing for people (evacuees, refugees etc.) in public shelters.

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