Treasures of Malta stamp series – Fountains

Treasures of Malta stamp series – Fountains

MaltaPost continues its "Treasures of Malta" series with the issue of three stamps
illustrating some of the islands' historic fountains. The stamps are all reproductions of original artworks by Maltese artist Cedric Galea Pirotta. The featured fountains are Vilhena Fountain (Floriana), Triton Fountain (Floriana) and Spinola Fountain (Valetta).

The Vilhena Fountain, which is also known as the Lion Fountain, is one of the most famous landmarks in Floriana. Built in 1728 with a stately lion as its focus, the fountain appears to "guard" the entrance to the town.

Designed by Maltese sculptor Vincent Apap in 1959, the Triton Fountain, which is located at the entrance to Valletta, depicts the mythological Greek god, Triton.

Located in the courtyard of Palazzo Spinola in Fredrick Street, Valletta, the Spinola Fountain was built towards the end of the nineteenth century. The palace was owned by Fra Paolo Raffaela Spinola, Bailiff of Lombardy in 1660, and served as the Genoese noble family's residence for 120 years.

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