Transport – Oran Tramway and Constantine Cable Car stamp from Algeria

Transport – Oran Tramway and Constantine Cable Car stamp from Algeria

New Algerian stamps are dedicated to the modern means of local transport – Oran tramway and Constantine cable car.

Oran tramway was launched on May 1, 2013. The Oran tramway having 30 trains connects major sites and neighborhoods of Oran agglomeration, thereby considerably facilitating travel in the city. Line 1 (Senia – Sidi Maarouf) spreads over a plot of 18.5 km having 32 stations, four of which are interchanged. The tramway runs daily from 5am to 11pm, with an interval of 4 minutes, especially during peak hours, it transports 90,000 passengers daily with a commercial speed of 20km/h.Travelers benefit from the latest advances in terms of comfort and safety.

Constantine Cable Cars were put into operation in June 2008.They are spread through the gorges of Oued Rhummel to connect the eastern part of th  city from the square Tatache Belkacem to the west at the Emir Abdel kader area. The linear of 1701.42 m carries 2,000 people per hour with a capacity of 15 people per cabin. The cable cars represent a new effective transport solution for a large part of the 100 000 people living in the north of Constantine. The picturesque side of the region and the magnificent panorama which one enjoys from the cable car also attracts tourists.

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