Tourist stamps from Norway

Tourist stamps from Norway

Active Holidays is a good cue to the subjects of this year's tourist stamps by Norwegian posten. The activities range from glacier climbing for experts and rafting for the brave to an easy climb up Gaustatoppen (Mount Gausta) for the ordinary tourist.

Gaustatoppen (1883 meters above sea level) towers above Rjukan in Telemark. From the top you have the best panoramic view in Norway. There is a tourist chalet near the top which has about 30,000 visitors each year, but very few go to the very top because it is located on a sharp ridge some hundred meters further on and is difficult to reach.

A pleasant walk up Gaustatoppen contrasts dramatically with being left to your own resources in white-water rapids churning between ominous cliffs and huge rocks. This is Rafting. It attracts people with an urge for excitement and is thus a great tourist magnet.

Glacier climbing has its risks too. This is an activity that is best left to specialists.

The stamps of the issue illustrate:

Ice climbing on the Jostedal Glacier;
Boya Glacier, arm of the Jostedal Glacier;
Hiking at Mount Gaustatoppen;
Hiking at Mount Gaustatoppen;
Rafting on the Sjoa River;
Riverboarding on the Sjoa River.

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