Top 10 most touching stamps 2012

Top 10 most touching stamps 2012 presents its traditional rating "Top 10 most touching stamps" covering the stamps issued in 2012.

As usual, the most touching stamps 2012 are mostly oriented toward children and illustrate characters of children’s books and animations popular all over the world. However, this time there are a lot of philatelic nominees warming hearts and inspiring with good feelings.

Austria "The Little I am Me"

The present commemorative stamp was issued by Austria post as a philatelic celebration of the classic children’s book by Austrian author Mira Lobe and illustrator Susi Weigel "The Little I-Am-Me". I-am-me is a small unidentified colourful animal looking for its own identity. In desperation, it asks all the possible animals whether anyone knows who it is. A few scenes later, realisation strikes like lightning. The strange red and white checked animal now knows: "Of course I exist: I am me!"

Switzerland "Janosch"

Swiss Post has also chosen a famous children’s book as subject for its touching stamp 2012. Turning the pages of one of the many children’s books by author and illustrator Janosch opens the door to an exciting world full of adventure but also of warmth, solidarity and friendship. The idea at their core is that if you have a friend, you have nothing to fear.

Singapore: Local Tea Time Snacks

SingPost’s stamps issued in February 2012 offered a quirky tribute to Singapore’s savoury and delectable local tea time snacks by giving them a fresh fun look. These snacks can be easily found in eateries all around the island: Lapis Sagu, Kueh Dadar, Bao (or Chinese bun), and Kueh Tutu.

The stamps’ designer is Sherman Lim.


#4. Serbia "Joy of Europe"

Gathering of children "Joy of Europe" each year brings together children of Europe from 7 to 15 years of age in Belgrade to promote friendship, as a symbol of children’s unity, through different activities and also to exchange cultures for the better mutual understanding and better understanding of children’s world in general. The motif of the stamp is a drawing by Darja Celisceva, 7 years old, Painting studio of Children’s cultural centre of Belgrade.


#5. Greenland "Mankind"

Greenland’s Home Rule (Naalakkersuisut) and Unicef Danmark have started a collaboration on the project "NAKUUSA" ("Let us be strong"). In January 2012 Camilla Nielsen has drawn the humorous stamp dedicated to this event.


#6. Norway "Christmas"

The charming story about Carpenter Andersen’s meeting with Santa Claus is one of a large number of Norwegian classics and became subject of Norway’s Christmas stamps. The story delights and warms the hearts of children and adults alike.

The stamps "Carpenter Andersen and Santa Claus" and "Mrs. Claus and the children" were designed by Kristin Granli.


#7. Korea "Korean-Made Characters - Pucca and Friends"

In February, 2012 Korean Post issued its “Korean Made Characters” stamp series dedicated to Pucca, an animated funny Korean girl and her numerous friends.


#8. Finland "I Heart You"

"I Heart You" is a miniature sheet of six stamps issued in January 2012 by Finnish Post. There are little girls and singing birds in the middle of the hearts – the message of the stamps is simple – friendship!


#9. USA "Mail a Smile"

Disney Pixar’s unique characters remind us of our fears and foibles, challenges and victories, and make us laugh while doing so. In 2012, their familiar faces lifted our spirits once again on stamps that remind us it’s always a good time to "Mail a Smile."


#10. Australia "Precious Moments"

These stamp designs were issued in January 2012 by Australia Post for use with greeting cards and similar correspondence. This issue focuses on some of the personal events that mark our everyday lives - occasions such as a marriage, birthday, anniversary or arrival of a newborn.

The stamps were created by Jennifer Scalzo and Jo Mure.


This time didn’t issue any Special Nomination Awards within the ranking.

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