The Vahine of Polynesia depicted on stamps

The Vahine of Polynesia depicted on stamps

The vahine (woman) is the most frequent image associated with the Polynesian myth. Since the 18th Century, she has occupied a special place in the great navigators' tales and has influenced thinkers and artists such as Paul Gauguin, who represented her on several occasions in his paintings.

Sweet-smelling and loose hair, tropical flowers leis, draped pareu, pearly skin enhanced by the monoi…

Often belittled throughout the centuries, the woman has seen her status change rapidly. Woman, wife or mother, the vahine occupies its rightful place in the economic and political life. Active, the basis of her family, she happily conveys her know-how.

Through this new book of 6 postage stamps, the Post and Telecommunications Office of French Polynesia lets you discover the modern vahine with genuine and natural charm.
However, despite such developments, the myth of the vahine continues to be a source of fascination…

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