The Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada, 1013-2013 stamp from Spain

The Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada, 1013-2013 stamp from Spain

On reaching the Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada, a stamp has been issued by the Spanish Correos to commemorate the creation of this independent kingdom in 1013.

Granada was one of the first short-lived states called "kingdoms of taifa", founded in 1013 by the Muslim Berber Zawi ben Ziri. The Ziri dynasty lasted from 1013 until 1090.

After nearly 150 years of wars, first against the Almoravids and later against the Almohads, Granada was to become grander with the arrival of the Nazari kingdom dynasty, between 1232 and 1492, when it was handed over to the Catholic Monarchs. During this period the palaces, gardens, pools and centers of learning were built, as were the narrow alleys which gave the city the urban layout we know today. The sciences, arts and letters flourished, with Arabs and Jews living in perfect harmony.

The arrival of the Catholic Monarchs meant the city continued to expand culturally and artistically. A Renaissance cathedral, convents and churches were built. The Emperor Charles V built a palace inside the grounds of the Alhambra and founded the university, to which the most prestigious teachers of the time flocked.

In 1984, the Alhambra palace, the Generalife and the Albaicin quarter, all in the historic city of Granada, were declared World Heritage Sites.

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