The Golden Sound Archives of Romania on new stamps

The Golden Sound Archives of Romania on new stamps

Romfilatelia celebrates the 85th anniversary of the Romanian Radio and introduces into circulation the postage stamps issue entitled "The Golden Sound Archives of Romania" dedicated to this event.


Launched in the ether on November 1st, 1928, these words represented the birth of the Romanian Radio.

The 85 years that have passed since the first radio broadcast allowed the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company to create the oldest and most comprehensive media archive from Romania: the Golden Sound Archives of Romania. The audio documents, preserved on different media supports, according to the technological evolutions, from the first hard rubber records completed after 1950 by the magnetic tape and then the cassettes and compact discs, make up a unique and invaluable heritage, that offers a genuine sonorous panorama of the Romanian culture and history.

In a short enumeration of the most precious sonorous documents Romfilatelia couldn't forget the "Testament" by Ienachita Vacarescu, uttered by Elena Vacarescu, the oldest recording in the Golden Sound Archives, from a disc recorded in Sorbonne in 1913.

Also the speech entitled "Idealul creator" (The creative ideal) delivered by Nicolae Titulescu, on June 10th, 1921 during the Deputies' Assembly Meeting, in his position as Minister of Finances, also a copy of a hard rubber record, as well as the fragment from the radiophonic conference "Unitati organicein  viatastatelor sinatiunilor" (Organic units in the life of states and nations) from March 24th, 1939 delivered by Nicolae Iorga (a genuine star of the interwar microphone with his "Sfaturipeintunerec" (Pieces of advice in the dark) or the recording of Liviu Rebreanu made in 1941, on the eve of the theatrical season opening.

Among the most important recordings on magnetic tape there are those which reveal the voices of some of the most prominent Romanian writers: Mihail Sadoveanu reciting "Sara pe deal" by Mihai Eminescu (1952 recording), Lucian Blaga reciting his own poems ("La cumpanaapelor" - "At the watershed", 1960 recording), Tudor Arghezi, "Flori de mucigai" ("Flowers of the mould", 1962 recording), George Calinescu delivering the famous speech on "Eminescu, national poet" at the Palace Hall, in1964.

To them we must add the scholars such as Henri Coanda (1967 recording) or the great names of the Romanian music such as George Enescu (1943, 1951 recordings), Maria Tanase singing "Hora Unirii" ("The dance of unity", 1957 recording) or Mihai lJora, in a very emotional evocation of the great Enescu in 1955, who died the same year..., to mention just some of the treasures of the Golden Sound Archives.

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