The Christmas Gospel 1 stamps from Faroe Islands

The Christmas Gospel 1 stamps from Faroe Islands

Posta Faroe Islands issued a set of two stamps within the series "The Christmas Gospel 1" dedicated to the coming Christmas 2013.

Stamps designer Edward Fuglo managed in a masterly way, in pictures and step by step, to provide space for the Message of Joy - both in the house and the heart. He illuminated the tension in the action, since the power of God comes down from on high with its innovative message.

In the first picture, it appears that there is only room for the Message of Joy in a small barn among livestock. In the space above, the star continues to shine, also through the small window of the shed, and announces the new and divine reality. The rod and ladder stand on each side of the barn and symbolize the hope for a new way onward and up.

In the next picture, Joseph holds the rod in his hand, and stands with his arm around Mary's shoulder, ready to lead his family through life - in harmony with his wife and his creator - for still the star shines from the high and leads the way. Mary and Joseph are surprised that the Almighty has settled among humans.

This is the admirable message of Christmas: that God's giving and sacrificial love can be accommodated in the heart of every single human being.

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