Streets of Macao II new stamps series

Streets of Macao II new stamps series

The development and evolution of streets bear witness to the rise and fall of a city. With streetlights shining in Macao, each street has its unique story and pathway of historical development under the background of cultural blending between China and the West for centuries. Among the stamp issue "Streets of Macao II", there are four stamps that relate to Almeida Ribeiro Avenue (Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro), Military Camp Slope (Calcada dos Quarteis), Teatro Slope (Calcada do Teatro) and Lilau Alley (Beco do Lilau) individually; while souvenir sheet and first day cover are designed using illustrations of Church of St. Lazarus Slope (Calcada da Igreja de Sao Lazaro) and Merchants Street (Rua dos Mercadores) respectively. These ancient streets and alleys witness the history of integration and harmonious coexistence of Western and Chinese culture in Macao.

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