Stamp Festival 2013 – Stamps Celebrating the Air by French La Poste

Stamp Festival 2013 – Stamps Celebrating the Air by French La Poste

La Post issued a set of 12 stamps and a stamp bloc celebrating the Stamp Festival 2013 dedicated this year to the theme "Air".

History of the Stamp Festival:

In 1935 the IPF (International Philatelic Federation) proposed at the congress in Brussels creating a stamp festival celebrated annuallyin each of its member countries.

The project was approved by the Congress of the FFAP in Paris in 1937. The first Stamp Day in Francetook place in 1938 and after two years of interruption (1940 and 41) it was organized again in 1942. Finally in 1944 the French Post Office issued the first stamp dedicated to the Stamp Day. In 1999 the Stamp Day took the theme of cartoon characters and in 2000 Stamp Day was renamed Stamp Festival.

After have selected for the Stamp Festival the three natural elements on philatelic issues since 2010 - Water, Earth and Fire - this is the Air that is closing this topic in 2013.

Organized by La Poste and FFAP (French Federation of Philatelic Associations), this event brings together passionate volunteers who offer entertainment, workshops and stands open to all children and adults for free.

During the weekend resulting in the issue of "First Day" stamps, philatelic products and special cancellations on the "Air" theme are issued, as well as free prints, vouchers amounting up to 30 €.

Sales of stamps during the Stamp Festival are used to partially fundthe ADP (Association for the Development of Philately) which subsidizes FFAP (French Federation of Philatelic Associations), the APFP (Association of the Philatelic Francophone Press) and theHTPE (House of Traders and Philately experts) and partially the French Red Cross.

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