Stamp Day 2013 commemorated on a new Austrian stamp

Stamp Day 2013 commemorated on a new Austrian stamp

This year's special issue by Austrian post "Stamp Day" - a supplement stamp with the nominal value of 2.82 + 1.41 EUR - shows as motif the former Salzkammergutlokalbahn, in the background you can see the city of Salzburg with its imposing landmark, the Hohensalzburg Fortress on the highly visible  Monchsberg mountain. The different engines and wagons of Salzkammergutlokalbahn are painted in an extremely decorative way.

The Salzkammergutlokalbahn (SKGLB) was a popular railway that connected Salzburg to Bad Ischl from 1891 to 1957.

The SKGLB, which carried more than two million passengers over a distance of about 67 km per year, was set up in 1957 as the first railway line of significant length and of national importance in Austria, despite strong protests from various sections of the population, an already configured electrification was not realized.

The founders of the gauge also staked on the romantic route of the railway, which would be a strong enrichment of regional tourism. The path led through a beautiful landscape, and several tunnels and bridges, the mountainous character of the route was also emphasized. However, the increasing of motorization brought the end to the Salzkammergutlokalbahn in September, 1957.

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