Stamp Day 2013 celebrated by Italian Post

Stamp Day 2013 celebrated by Italian Post

To celebrate the Stamp Day 2013, Italian Post issued five stamps dedicated to five different areas of stamp collecting. In particular:

Traditional Philately and Postal History: on a light blue background of the stamp is featured an envelope mailed on December 18, 1860 from Florence to Paris, known as the "Rothschild envelope" stamped with a Three Lire stamp of the Provisional Government of Tuscany, which is partially overlapped by the½ tornese stamp, issued in Naples in December 1860;

Interofilia: on a pink background is featured the first postcard issued by the Kingdom of Italy on 1 January 1874, with value of 10 cents and depicting the portrait of King Vittorio Emanuele II;

Thematic philately: on a green background are featured two stamps of 15 cents bearing the portrait of Garibaldi, issued in 1910 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Southplebiscites;

Aerophilately: on a mustard background are featured the stamps issued in 1933 on the occasion of North Atlantic Air Cruise, better known as "Balbo Triptych" and a registered cover addressed to the Mayor of Chicago and franked with one of Triptych stamps;

Philatelic literature: on a salmon background are featured covers of the so-called "Catalogue of Victory" issued in 1923 and of the magazine "Post World" in 1873, first Italian philatelic publications.

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