Stamp Day: 170th Anniversary of the First Postal Law in Serbia

Stamp Day: 170th Anniversary of the First Postal Law in Serbia

The preparations for introduction of the public postal traffic in Serbia started in 1835, upon adoption of the Sretenje Constitution, by which the Ministry of Internal Affairs (then so-called, Popečiteljstvo vnutrenih dela in Slavoserbian, the then literary language in Serbia) was appointed to impose order, organise and manage post offices.

While the introduction of the public postal service was prepared, menzulan-tatar service has turned into the public postal network although without any legal regulations. Thus, on 25th May 1840 according to the old calendar, in the letter the then Ministry of Internal Affairs informed the Russian, Austrian and French Consulates that the post was established in Belgrade. The first post-office was located next to today's taverna Question Mark and it was on this day that it received the stamp for cancelling letters which is known among philatelists today as "framed Belgrade". As soon as June 4, a post office in Kragujevac was opened.

As Serbia was developing also the postal traffic in it was developing. During 1843, the postal traffic network already encompassed Valjevo, Loznica, Požarevac, Šabac, Brusnica, Jagodina, Smederevo, Čačak i Batočina. Although there are no preserved written documents on opening of most of the post offices, the letters with impressions of these towns which are kept in philatelistic collections today present an uncontested proof of postal development in Serbia. In the beginning of Serbian post offices operations only official and private letters and parcels, money and Serbian newspapers of that time (Novine serbske) were prepared and dispatched.

Development of postal system in Serbia brought about the necessity of adopting regulations so that further development of postal traffic could be regulated more precisely. The first legal act on establishment of the entire postal organisation was passed on 15th October 1843, according to the old calendar, under the name Organisation of the Postal Institution (Ustroenie Poshtanskog Zavedenia). By this Act it was ordered that the postal network connects all the places and towns in the territory of Serbia.

The Ustroenie also determined the lines of regular postal traffic, both the main and the subordinate (soyuzne) postal lines.

The four main postal lines were: Belgrade-Radujevac, Belgrade-Aleksinac, Belgrade-Mokra Gora and Belgrade-Loznica. These lines included two post offices (in Belgrade and Aleksinac), thirty-four dispatch stations ("expeditions") and thirty-six relay stations ("menzulanas").

The act on regulation of postal service in Serbia was adopted by the end of 1843 named Nastavlenije for all vocations of postal activities and operations.

170th Anniversary of the First Postal Law in Serbia - First Day Cover

Artistic realization of the stamp: MA Nadežda Skočajić, academic painter – graphic artist.

Expert collaboration: Bora Stanković.

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