SEPAC – Animal Life stamp from Greenland

SEPAC – Animal Life stamp from Greenland

Greenland post jointly with SEPAC issued a stamp Pearls of Europe – Animal Life featuring Muskox bull.

The photograph of the Muskox bull (Ovibosmoschatus) was taken in the national park in North and Eastern Greenland – the world's largest national park, measuring 972.000 km2. Here the photographer Lars Holst Hansen works as a field biologist at Zackenberg research station.

Below publishes the interview about his work experience:

"To work and live in the middle of the world's largest national park for long periods of time gives unique opportunities to get close to nature and the animals. One gets the chance to get to know the routines of the individual animals and the animals get accustomed to one's presence. The photograph of the bull was taken with the help of a so called "photo trap" however, without me having to be near the animal or camera at the moment of photographic capture.

I had noticed how the lush green vegetation in a small pond attracted a pair of Muskoxen last June. The camera shutter, improved with an lens having a very wide recording angle, was released after careful placement through a motion sensor by the Muskox itself. This photograph was chosen amongst more than a thousand".

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