Seafood stamps from Faroe Islands

Seafood stamps from Faroe Islands

Posta Faroe Islands issued a set of four stamps featuring famous Faroese seafood - Brown Crab (Cancer pagurus), Deep sea red crab (Chaceon affinis),  Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) and  Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus).

The cold North Atlantic with its strong currents, cold temperatures and a benign maritime flora and fauna are providing excellent breeding grounds for the abundance of fish and shell fish prewailing in these waters, yielding a truly tasty and healthy gastronomical experiences for both the locals as well as the growing numbers of gastronomical travellers.

In Scandinavia the strong movement of returning to the original dishes and ingredients contained in the so-called New Nordic Food Manifesto has also Faroe Islands amongst its signatories. The famous Danish restaurant NOMA, working according to the Manifesto, has been chosen as the best in the world. In Faroes the same movement of returning to the original Faroese cuisine has become very popular and is led by the restaurant KOKS. Both NOMA and KOKS are co-operating and no doubt the first Faroese Michelin Star is imminent.

In Faroes the Norwegian Lobster with its elegant and succulent meat is very much sought after by the restaurants, but also newcomers like the Brown Crab and the Deep Sea Red Crab are gaining more and more popularity. The Faroese local stock of Shrimps are too small to be commercialized, but the considerable Faroese involvement in the Greenland shrimp fishery has for many years provided a steady supply of Greenland shrimps to Faroes where these small, tasty crustaceans are very popular domestically as well as in the restaurants.

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