School Civic Values 2013 stamps from Spain

School Civic Values 2013 stamps from Spain

Provide children and young people the Governing Civic Values in society is one of the great educational performances. Since school education, parents, family and society act as a whole, the transmission of civic values to young people is essential to get a respectful and democratic coexistence. The new block of four stamps from Spanish Correos highlights values such as fellowship, respect, sports and road safety.

The fellowship is a link established between people who do things together and is one of the necessary values for personal development. It's present in our lives from childhood in school, university, sports or working life. The fellowship involves respect and trust among members of the group, because we must not forget that a partner is the person you share experiences, situations and feelings with.

Respect is one of the core values for the coexistence of people. It involves the acceptance and consideration of people or things around us and covers all aspects of life. Like respect for ideas, freedom of expression, religion, color of skin, age, laws and social norms, not to mention the respect for nature, animals and environment.

Another thing that promotes civic values from an early age and influences the development of person is sport. The sport involves effort, achievement, self-discipline, teamwork, rules of the game ... That is a number of qualities that exalts a person. Education from the sport entails respect and tolerance and is a form of group integration. Whether having competitive or amusement purposes, sports develop values that contribute to the physical and intellectual development.

Road safety involves educating schoolchildren in the knowledge of the most basic rules of traffic. Respecting traffic lights, looking at both sides of the street before crossing, wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle or not invading the roads are rules that must be observed. Children learn from the adults and the right acting on public roads is the best example to follow.

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