Sceneries and animals of New Caledonia set of stamps

Sceneries and animals of New Caledonia set of stamps

The Post of New Caledonia issued four stamps, which once again put the spotlight on landscapes and animals of New Caledonia. Reproducing superb photographs by Pierre -Alain Pantz, these stamps will travel around the world and provide an overview of this amazing land.

The stamp of 85 F features a Fruit Bat near the bougainvillea grove. This bat having red feasts treats itself with fruit and nectar at night. During the day it hides in caves, hollow logs or mine shafts.

The 110 F stamp is dedicated to Hienghene and to the famous beach of 500 franc note. This beach with fine sand and clear waters, marked by typical black cliffs from the north-east coast, is famous throughout the country as it has long been on the notes of 500 francs.

The 190 F stamp shows the site of the "Leaping Warrior" near Wakone on the island of Mare. A local legend says that a warrior, pursued by enemies, succeeded in crossing by jump this large crack of 5 meters, situated 30 meters above the sea.

Finally, the 250 F stamp reproduces a beautiful aerial view of Thio and Bota Mere, this rocky island that overlooks the mouth of the Kuenthioriver. On both sides of the river extend Thio -Village, administrative and residential area, and Thio - Mission with the Catholic mission is located.

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