Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese stamp from Ukraine

Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese stamp from Ukraine

Ukrainian post issued a stamp within the series "Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine" under the theme "City of Sevastopol. Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese".

The stamp depicts Saint Vladimir Cathedral, a Neo-Byzantine Russian Orthodox cathedral on the site of Chersonesos Taurica. It commemorates the presumed place of St. Vladimir's baptism.

According to legend and historic facts the baptism of Vladimir the Great took place in 988 in the Chersonese, a National Preserve near Sevastopol. In The Story of the Passing Years by the monk Nestor the city conciliar Church was mentioned: "in the middle of the city, where the inhabitants gather to trade", which, as supposed, could be the probable place of the event crucial for the whole Rus.

The author of the project of St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese was academician David Grimm. The construction took 15 years and was finished in 1874-1876. It was one of the biggest Cathedral of Russia (height – 36 m, total area – 1726 sq. m, dome diameter – 10,5 m) that could accommodate up to thousand church people.

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