Rahel Hirsch: 100 Years of the Professor title stamp from Germany

Rahel Hirsch: 100 Years of the Professor title stamp from Germany

German Post issued a stamp to commemorate 100th anniversary of the date when Rahel Hirsch became the first woman in the Kingdom of Prussia to be appointed a professor in medicine in 1913.

Rahel Hirsch (September 15, 1870 – October 6, 1953) a German doctor and professor at the Charitémedical school in Berlin, was born on 15 September 1870 in Frankfurt am Main, one of eleven children of Mendel Hirsch (German) (1833–1900). Mendel Hirsch was the director of the girls' school of the Jewish religious community in Frankfurt am Main.

Mendel's father, Rahel's paternal grandfather, was the eminent rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch.

From 1885 to 1889, Rahel Hirsch studied for her degree in education in Wiesbaden; she then worked until 1898 as a teacher. After her doctorate she became assistant to Friedrich Krausat the Charité.

Since she was Jewish, the takeover by the Nazismeant she could no longer practice medicine. In October 1938 she moved to London, where one of her sisters lived. Since her degree was not recognized by the British, she worked as alaboratory assistant and later as atranslator.

She spent her last years plagued by depression, delusions and persecutory fears. She died in amental hospitalon the outskirts of Londonon 6 October 1953 aged 83.

She is remembered by a sculpture in a square at the Charité, and by the naming after her of a stretch of road in front of the newBerlin Central Station.

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